Saturday, March 03, 2007

UK petition against Vista pricing

Hi - this is my first ever real blog

I have no idea how this whole thing is going to turn out - perhaps it will turn into an embarrassing travesty of a sham or perhaps this will be a turning point - who knows and who cares

I have no direction for my blog in my head yet and kind of hope one will come to me later, but one thing I would like to try and achieve is helping more people to become actively involved in issues that effect them - yeah that would be nice, its going on my list and everything

That said an interesting article in Techdirt caught my eye - Microsoft are charging an amazing 80% more for some versions of Vista in the UK as in the US, same program, same version, hell probably even the same barcode

Compare these prices on the .com and Amazon sites:
In the US RRP is $399.95 (£205.78)
In the UK RRP is £369.99


There are several comments on the Techdirt posting regarding how that’s 'just the way it is', and how people can always buy from the US then ship over themselves, but the average consumer is probably not going to know to do this and will be royally ripped off

A petition has been set up on the Downing Street website to ask the government to intervene and I would suggest any UK citizen who is tired of being charged more for the same goods in the UK, to sign (it's easy and pretty painless). I would encourage people to do this even if they have no intention of ever purchasing Vista - it’s the entire principle which is at stake, hopefully we can highlight public opinion to our government and strengthen trade legislation in general

Anyhow that’s it for a first post (shit that was dull) - rant over