Friday, April 27, 2007

My anti-DRM Promise to me

I've been in the midst of a shitty experience these last 2 weeks which helps account for my lack of time to write anything at all for my blog (that and my general lack of anything interesting to write)

I rebuilt my machine the other day as it was getting sluggish and bogged down with crap, while I was at it I spent most of a weekend moving music files out of the families folders into a single music folder (we had 4 copies of some CDS)

I wish I hadn't bothered as loads of the music is now unplayable and I get the "You do not have the rights to play this..." errors all over the place

The REALLY annoying bit is that this only happens for files I have bought the CDs for, media player doesn't seem to be bothered by the stuff which is admittedly sourced from the internet or friends MP3s. Bear in mind that this is not even the fabled ‘interoperable’ functionality gone wrong – it’s the SAME frikking PC!!

Just *finding* the CDs that Media Player is refusing to play is proving a real pain in the ass (I am unfortunately not anal enough to sort them by artist), also these overpriced £15 CDs turn out to often be shit quality, and quite a few are no longer fully readable. So I have started to download the ones I can't find.

Since the whole problem is caused by DRM I am not going anywhere near iShite or similar sites – I’m downloading torrents
Any you know what? It’s easy, it’s fast, the files are a much better quality generally and they WORK!!

Now why would I *want* to do this legally from now on? It’s expensive, the actual quality of the CDs and MP3s is often crap, it’s definitely inconvenient (20+ hours fixing the problem and counting) and generally a pain

My anti-DRM promise to me:

I will still continue to buy CDs (just the way I am), but I will refuse to buy any that come with DRM – if I get any home and find they have DRM but this is not stated on the sleeve, (Capitol seem especially bad at this) I will be returning them as unfit for purpose
If anyone out there from the record companies is listening (and if you care) - you just lost more sales