Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Killer robots are coming

Serious - no shit, killer robots, run, take cover - Samsung is producing a robotic killer for the South Korean army who plan to deploy it all along their border with North Korea. Actually don't bother running - they can't move, just don't go *anywhere* near the border!

Kim Jong-il, movie fanatic that he is just has to be crapping himself - every movie-goer knows robots never miss, so this probably scuppers any plans he may have had to stroll over the border (you know aside from the fact that there's a guard post every 50 metres at the moment, with half the male population of South Korea nonchalantly polishing their rifles behind them)

ED209 not too keen on stairs SGR-A1 not too keen on North Koreans

The SGR-A1 (and you just know that's not hacker for SuGaR) has the capability to be equipped with lethal and non-lethal weapons, (no prizes for guessing what they'll be using), and has one mode which waits for a human controller to decide to fire and another where the robot makes the decision itself.

Decision making killing robots - whatever will they think of next?

Bombs for babies?

Have they never seen Terminator?

Apparently the robot is capable of differentiating between human and non-human targets by itself (cue commando raid in pantomime horse) and the South Koreans have basically made the decision that if its on two legs and coming from that direction, its probably not going to be selling cookies

On the plus side for the Koreans is the hope that this will reduce the amount of mandatory military service currently required from their citizens just to police their border. However you have to ask yourself whether you'd want to be the one approaching it with a screwdriver when it blows a fuse


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